Acupuncture, Pain Relief


Your practitioners, Dr. Linda Scriven and Amber Scriven, are a mother-daughter team, here to support your health, & take the weight off your shoulders.

Let us help you


  • Chronic & Acute Pain Relief: Arthritis Care, Injury RecoveryPre & Post Surgical Care.

  • Emotional Wellness & Adrenal Function: Anxiety, Depression, Stress Relief, Insomnia & Adrenal Fatigue. 

  • Endocrinology: Both Male & Female Health & Fertility, Thyroid Function, Hormone Balancing, PCOS, Menopause Symptoms.

  • Digestive Discomfort: IBS, Chrohns, Ulcerative Colitis food allergies, unknown cause of discomfort.


If you are unsure what is going on, simply book a session & we will answer any questions & work with you on a plan of action.

Are you committed to your wellness? 

Ready to start feeling better?

Come work with us to deepen your health.

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