Acupuncture, Pain Relief


To see lasting results these treatment modalities need time & repetition, this is reflected in how we price our services. 

Most of our clients get the relief they seek within a month or two of dedicated treatment, then they find themselves wanting to continue care for overall prevention, wellness & maintenance. 

If you are unsure what is going on, simply book a session & we will answer any questions & work with you on a plan of action.

Multi Session Packages

3 Session Package       $270     ($90/ session)   

or $225 +$50 if first visit (see above Intro Pkg)

5 Session Package       $425     ($85/ session) 

+$50 if first visit 

10 Session Package     $800     ($80/ session)  

+$50 if first visit 

*Cupping or moxa therapy are an additional $40 at time of session.

*Please Note:  We cannot offer packages if you are billing your insurance.         >insurance details<


For pain relief, immune system, digestion, fertility, hormone and thyroid balancing & more.  

Appointment may include cupping or moxa therapy for additional $35.

Initial consult fee is $50 plus any follow up option:

Follow up options:  (Packages see above)

Single Sessions:

60 Minute Follow Up $95

90 Minute Acupuncture & Homeopathic Consult (follow up only) $165


Homeopathy is great for stress relief, anxiety, PTSD, digestive relief, chronic illness, internal pain management, sleep issues, hemorrhoids, cyst dissolution, women's health & more.


Linda has trained world wide in this field for over 30 years. She uses natural ingredients to help treat what ails you, relieve pain & soothe the body. A popular & effective European natural medicine modality that will not interfere with your prescriptions or digestion.

Initial Session: 90 minutes $255

add acupuncture $315


Follow Up Options:  (Packages see above)

Single Sessions:

30-45 Minute Follow Up $95

90 Minute Acupuncture & Homeopathic Consult (follow up only)  $165

To Book Initial Homeopathic Session Email Us >Here<

Cupping, Moxa or Gua Sha Therapy

Great for aches and pains, injury rehabilitation, immune system boosting, improved circulation, chest congestion, detoxification, & cold & flu relief.

Initial Session: Consult Fee of $50, then add on manual therapy $75


Follow Up: 30 minute just cupping/ gua sha/ moxa session $75

*May be added to any session for additional $40 if applicable to your health. 

Supplements, Herbs & Nutrition

This advice is offered in every session. We find these additions increase your healing capacity and optimize your ability to maintain health so we feel strongly about integrating them in to your life while you work with us.

Your practitioners are highly trained in how to use these substances along side your specific body chemistry and any pharmaceuticals you may be taking (both prescription and over the counter). 

We suggested never adding a supplement or herb to your regime without consulting a fully trained professional, they are powerful and they do interact with one another. Dose & brand quality is also an important factor so when you feel a supplement isn't working ask us about it as we may need to tweak one of those factors or switch it to something more proficient for your body.

PLEASE READ   *** Standard Cancellation Policy: 

*Full appointment fee is charged for cancelations made within 24 hours of your apt. 

*You can rearrange your appointments online up to 48 hours prior to your session. Please call or email to rearrange or cancel any appointment after that 48 hour time frame, so your practitioner is aware of the schedule change.

*Out of respect for clients booked in sessions after yours, if you are more then 10 minutes late for your session we cannot guarantee that we will still be able to see you, and it will count as a late cancelation. 

Are you committed to your wellness? 

Ready to start feeling better?

Come work with us to deepen your health.

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