8 Ways To Clear Sinus Congestion

August 28, 2018

There is a lot of debate about which natural sinus relief remedies work, mostly because it is different for everyone! This means a little trial and error needs to be applied, and as such it is nice to have options...


So besides your facial acupuncture sessions to dis inflame and drain sinuses, here are a few tried and true ways we have utilized for family members and clients over the years with success. 



  1. Flush your nasal passages. Saline spray and washes via a clean netipot are super effective. A saline wash thins mucus and helps flush out of the nasal passages so you can breath more clearly. Use daily if your sinus problems are chronic and double up if you have a cold or sinus infection.

  2. Bio-flavenoids. Bromelain is an enzyme in pineapples that, over time, acts as an anti inflammatory agent in small areas like the digestive tract and the sinuses. This means it acts two fold for sinus infections- it dis inflames the actual sinus cavities AND it helps you digest any foods that cause more phlegm to develop in the body.  Bromelain may interact with other medications you’re taking so check with one of our team members to see if it is right for you and at what dose. We always have this gem to hand at the clinic because it is so useful and effective!

  3. Steam. Hot water vapor can help moisten the sinuses. Hop in a hot shower with some eucalyptus salts or shower gel, or fill a bowl or cup with steaming water and place your face over it with a towel around your head to breathe the steam in. We have a pungent little sinus clearing recipe at our office that we suggest putting a few drops of in a steaming cup to help you breath more clearly. Just ask and we will give it to you.

  4. Stay hydrated. This helps keeps your sinuses moist AND promotes a stronger immune system. Sip water throughout the day, and avoid dehydrating products containing caffein or alcohol. If the color of your urine is clear, you are hydrated.

  5. Spices! Spicy foods such as mustard, hot peppers, curry, horseradish, and wasabi help clear sinuses. Add these to your meals to open your nasal passages naturally.

  6. Allergy-proof your home. Allergies can make sinus pain worse. Install an air filtration system of some kind and leave shoes at the door. Use bedding with allergen-barriers, and keeping any pets out of the bedroom to help curb nasal allergies from ruining your sleep.

  7. Clean the humidifiers. A humidifier can keep the air moist, but be sure to keep it clean, especially if you have mold allergies as un cleaned humidifier can breed mold. 

  8. Compresses. You can use a warm compress to help keep the nasal tissues moist. Follow with a cold compress to relieve sinus pain and inflammation.


If the sinus pain does not improve with acupuncture and these natural products, or with over-the-counter help, call your doctor as deeper actions- like antibiotics or further investigation may be called for.



























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