What IS Acupuncture anyway?

(As published by MINDBODY at The Enso, link to full article below.)


Acupuncture is known as an integrative type of medicine. This means it is safely and routinely used


alongside medications, surgeries, physical therapy, and any other medicinal modality you have chosen,  as a mainstream source of anxiety reduction, pain relief, and preventative care.


Tight muscles are encouraged to melt into relaxation, or nerves can send a message to the brain to create a specific chemical response in the body- like anti-inflammatory, digestive ease, or sleep induction. 


With frequent and regular repetition, this can heal injuries, decrease pain levels and general inflammation, and it can slowly reset sleep and digestive cycles, encourage a stronger immune system and benefit individual organ health. 


FULL ARTICLE >>>> https://mindbody.io/blog/wellness/how-does-acupuncture-work



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